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Somebody with deep pockets making a big bet…on gold.

A couple days ago, while Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal was gleefully hyperventilating about gold’s “death cross” (recall the “Joe Weisenthal can’t fail contrarian gold indicator here“), somebody undauntedly stepped up within the last 3 minutes of the trading …… Read the rest

The Ron Paul Farewell Address

This is the most important, relevant and germane speech since Eisenhower’s farewell address. Before you dismiss people who espouse “liberty” as nutters and kooks, before you silently acquiesce to the today’s “status quo” and hand the bill off to your …… Read the rest

Martin Armstrong: Gold, An 11 Year High for 2010?

I made a mental note to check the Martin Armstrong site for a few days now and didn’t notice until tonight that he had released a new edition (from his Fort Dix prison cell) about a week ago:…… Read the rest

I had a dream…

Home. In bed. Sick. Drifting in an out. Had a dream, all I remember is Mohamed El-Erian saying two words: “Sell Everything”.

How weird is that?… Read the rest

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