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Bitcoin Part 3: Why “This Time It Really Is Different”

This is the third article in my introductory exploration of Bitcoin here on Wealth.net. Part 1 and Part 2 were written in the wake of the big Bitcrash and it is interesting to observe that rather than “going to zero” …… Read the rest

The Tragedy of Contrarianism

Being a contrarian is never glamorous. Even the word itself seems to be ostracized by the various word processor dictionaries as I’m often used to seeing it underlined with red dots signifying a spelling error when I type it online.…… Read the rest

Blaming “The 1%” is like blaming “Zionists”, “Blacks” or “Gays”

Some people like, to make all the rules and tell others what to do. They make it their way, so they always win, and the others always lose. Street gangs and madmen How they wage their private wars In bankers clothes their hearts are froze and Their wives hold hands with whores – Airbourne: Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
There is a lot of “empirical data” coming out in reputable information channels (like Facebook and Twitter) that the 1% are over-represented in the corridors of power, have more than their fair share of wealth and are basically to… Read the rest

The Perils of Inflation

Just received word that former Industry and Foreign Affairs Minister in Canada, Maxime Bernier will give a series of talks on the pernicious nature of inflation:

Maxime Bernier will argue that inflation is a hidden tax that depreciates the

…… Read the rest

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