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The Map is not the Territory

Can a domain name be the difference between success and failure in a business? Are domain names the single best investment one can possibly make in one’s business? These are the main questions debated in an ongoing chain of posts, then my comments, and a follow-up post, and another of my comments and yet another post between myself and Andrei over at DomainingTips. The conventional wisdom among domainers is that without the domain name, you’re nowhere, or, investing in domain names is the single best thing you can do to achieve some kind of “edge” in the… Read the rest

How to tell if a new TLD will succeed (and most won’t).

I just read Rick Spence’s “What’s in a name? It could be a fortune on the Internet“, (HT to HybridDomainer), which seemingly dials the needle back to (pick one), 2005 or 2007, or maybe 2010 and drinks the Kool-Aid every domainer has on an IV drip: the notion that fortune and success can be achieved simply by virtue of “owning the right names” (i.e How can we be bankrupt? Don’t we own TenMillionDollars.com?) Only in this case, he’s talking about the seemingly impending new top-level-domains. “New domain names will rank above the current crop”, he gushes. Really? You mean now… Read the rest

IMHO Oracle won’t sell sun.com, and TheDomains censors comments

Domainers, ever hopeful that there is some “big domaining angle” to anything that happens in the world are busy kicking around guestimates for how much SUN.COM will sell for, given the announcement from Oracle that they will be decommissioning the domain name on June 1st. Estimates around the industry vary from 800K to around 2.5M, [...]… Read the rest

First they came for the file-sharing domains…

(Background: as you may or may not be aware, earlier in the year the US Department of Homeland Security began seizing domain names of various filesharing websites. Suddenly the agency tasked with protecting the United States from further terrorist attacks was now seizing domain names to combat copyright infringement. Without further adieu, I bring you [...]… Read the rest

Revisiting the “Sweetman Protocol”: 5 Ways to Increase Your Domain Sales

After having lunch with YummyName’s Bill Sweetman a few months ago, I posted “5 Ways to Increase Your Domain Sales”, and after writing the article I took his program to heart and went out and implemented two key points from his 5-point program: 1) I started getting my inventory listed with the networks, in this [...]… Read the rest
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