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easyDNS to refuse queries from rogue states, illegal immigrants, and leftists

  TheMark Speaking at a company rally in Forest Hill, Louisiana, easyDNS strongman Mark  ("The Mark") Jeftovic decried an epidemic of political correctness destroying the DNS protocol. "Used to be a time, DNS was designed and used by geeks. People with brains. People doing real shit. Cool shit. Online. Nowadays anybody can plug in a server and expect to connect it to the internet and expect equal access! They start sending out DNS queries from anywhere and they feel entitled to a response… and that my friends, is destroying the internet. That sense of entitlement." "All of that's gonna change. We're Read the rest

easyDNS to Rebrand as easy.WTF

After 16 years as an iconic .com startup, easyDNS will shed its moniker and rebrand as easy.WTF.

At a press conference this morning, easy.WTF CEO Mark Jeftovic explained "dot COM is a dinosaur. That era is over. The Zeitgeist of the times we live in is captured perfectly by WTF".

The company foresees a meteoric rise in .WTF registrations as compared to .COM, going so far to predict that the total number of .WTF domains would dwarf the current incumbent by 2017.


"We want to be on the right side of this tectonic shift", said Jeftovic, adding "no pun … Read the rest

easyDNS launches .SUX Top Level Domain

/04/01/11 TORONTO/ – easyDNS Technologies Inc., the ultra-cool DNS guys, today announced it is moving forward to secure .SUX under the ICANN new TLD process.

The .SUX domain is not intended to encourage registrations which disparage any company or entity.

"A number of factors have converged to make this possible", said CEO Mark Jeftovic, "the new rules permitting vertical integration allow us as to function as Registrar, Registry, root DNS provider."

Under the proposed terms of the new TLD, sunrise claims will be subject to a non-refundable $10,000 application fee. Landrush applications will ring in at $100/year with an  initial … Read the rest

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