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Prediction: June 6, 2006 conspiracy theories to surface

I noticed this on the plane out here on monday, I looked at my phone and saw the date: 06/06/05. It occurred to me that next year the MM/DD/YY date strings on all devices worldwde will read 06/06/06.

This is all it takes: wait for a conspiracy theory to emerge around this date, it will be singled out as some sort of seminal moment in human history: WWIII will start, asteroid hit, coup d’etat and imposition of martial law in the US, suitcase nuke somewhere, we’re waiting for the “what” gets predicted to happen on that day, not “if” a … Read the rest

Stupidity, mentors and bye-bye to the CIRA Board

I’m sitting up late in my hotel room in St. John’s, Newfoundland having just completed two things:

1) A few hours ago I left my last Board meeting as a CIRA Director, aside from a short teleconference slated for next week, as of June 22nd, my term is over and I’m done.

2) Because I can’t sleep, I just watched Albert Nerenberg’s documentary Stupidity which just aired on CBC’s Rough Cuts.

I’m glad I watched it. Something I’ve been trying to do over the last few years is come to grips with my own stupidity. Being on the CIRA Board … Read the rest

Booktagged: I’m it

My friend The Atavist has tagged me in some booktag thing making the rounds across the internet faster than a Star Wars bootleg. Maybe one day Sieg will notice I’ve long since changed the name of my blog from Blah Blah Blog to Under The Radar 😉

At any rate, here is my book tag thing:

Number of books I own: A lot. At least a few hundred and when I figure the boxes in storage it may go over a thousand. I come from a long line of bookworms and now that I’m married to another one, it makes … Read the rest


The Preparing for the Death of the Link Based Algorithm on Threadwatch.org discusses a Death to Link Based Algorithms posting which prompted me to foward the links and my own observations to “SEOSteve”.

SEOSteve’s name has been changed to protect the paranoid: which is Steve himself. He’s an SEO professional and a good friend of mine, lives down in the US. Big city. Great guy and a personal friend as long as we agree never to discuss politics.

SEOSteve is embarking on a very committed, in depth project which involves SE rankings. When he describes it to me I … Read the rest

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