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Corruption, not terrorism, is the true enemy of our time.

As I watch more of our rights being chisled away, such as random searches on subways in NYC or the impending “Lawful Access” here in Canada, I realize that like it or not, some form of surveillance society is probably inevitable. I also thought this long before 9/11 as this post of mine on the OpenFlows mailing list describes back on Sept/99.

In it I cite Damon Knight’s short story I See You which describes a not-so-distant future society where everybody can monitor anything in both time and space. Crime becomes impossible and privacy extinguished. As David Brin once observedRead the rest

Not enough guns for Sieg

My friend Sieg is back from his vacation in the USA and he laments the sad state of gun ownership in Canada and compares with the States. This is another area where I have mixed feelings and sometimes disagree with him.

Sieg’s problem is he gives people too much credit. Although he advocates “outlaw idiots, not guns”. We live in a society where you are pretty much rewarded for being docile and stupid and penalized for being smart enough to know better. He also doesn’t live in downtown Toronto, like I do.

Here in Toronto it’s not unheard of to … Read the rest

On the internet, a plane crash is never just a plane crash.

Plane crashes are in themselves so rare and so spectacular that when they occur we are both horrified and fascinated. Hence the eyewitness reports from yesterday’s Air France crash at Pearson that spotted drivers pulled over to the side of the 401, standing on their car roofs photographing the spectacle with their camera phones.

Yesterday was a good day. It’s rare that something like that happens and everybody gets out alive. In fact it’s quite amazing and I think everybody should be thankful and happy that there were no fatalities.

Of course, this kind of event brings the nutjobs out Read the rest

Negative blog posts: How not to handle them.

Quick Boy’s Movers became upset because of a negative comment posted about them on Joey DeVilla’s weblog. The comment became the #2 result on Google for “Quick Boy’s Movers” and they did not like this.

What should they have done?

Well they shouldn’t have called Joey up, threatened to go over his head to his employer and made a lot of noise that he take the comment down. Now the whole saga has exploded into the blogosphere. When Corey blogs it on Boing Boing it’s game over.

If you Google “Quick Boy’s Movers” now, guess what comes up first? That’s … Read the rest

I stand corrected.

It looks like I made a poor choice of an examples in my How To Detect a net.myth in 4 easy steps post the other day.

The original article in American Conservative magazine is available from their website here, so the article itself is real. I must have overlooked it the first couple times I was on the website.

In tracking down an “original sighting” of the article I left a message in Larouche Publications general mailbox after reading their Guns of August press release on the matter. Anton Chaiktin was kind enough to return my call this morning … Read the rest

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