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Ebay’s move to free and grokking PHP’s Services_Ebay

Ebay made a very smart move recently and removed most of the costs associated with their developer platform. I think this will bring a lot of innovative new services to the market as the barrier to entry is now largely technical and not financial.

One of the reasons Amazon’s AWS and affiliate program is so ubiquitous across the net is largely due to two things: 1) the depth and stickiness of the Amazon site and 2) the free access to their affiliate and AWS services.

Ebay has one of the few sites whose depth and prevalence approaches that of … Read the rest

Why I want free markets and honest money

This post was gelling in my mind prior to yesterday’s fall of the Liberal government, but now that every political hack in the vicinity is going to bombard me with lies promises for “change” I’ll outline the kind of changes we need to see and why there is no politician equipped to attempt to deliver it.

I’m currently reading two books: Empire of Debt by the Daily Reckoning’s Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggins, and The Monetary Elite Vs. Gold’s Honest Discipline by Vincent LoCascio, whom in an act of supreme flattery, sent me a copy asking for my thoughts. … Read the rest

Thieves and other opponents of property rights lament ETR ruling

I was driving to an appointment last night listening to talk radio and heard whiner after whiner complaining about recent court decision that empowers the operators of the privately owned and operated ETR ( express toll route) to prevent toll route debtors from having their license plates renewed until they pay up.

This is a new turn of events and people who owe the ETR money are plenty steamed about it. Calls were coming in from people who owed upwards of $4,000 and $5,000. They’re upset. They assumed they would be able to continue stealing services forever. Now that … Read the rest

Who is this Atavist guy anyway?

A lot of my blog entries reference Sieg, the Atavist and you may wonder “who is this guy?”. He is not a peer, he’s from a different generation than I am. More of a mentor, he gave me my first job in computing back in 1993.

His software company was getting near the end of the list in the phone book, and I was cold-calling them all looking for a job (and getting nowhere). He agreed to see me, and had in mind the task of porting his courier company’s COBOL applications and data from an old Tandy microcomputer (with … Read the rest

Between Batgirl and a Monkee

Friday night/early saturday AM, around 12:30 EST am I’ll be doing a segment about WEHT.net on a special “Where Are They Now?” show on WBZ NewsRadio 1030, which I’m told goes out across 38 states.

Word is that I’ll be on after Micky Dolenz and before former Batgirl Yvonne Craig. Kinda cool.… Read the rest

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