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Drink your own kool-aid and scatter some acorns

While I have always been quick to point out that there is no such thing as “the New Economy” I have to admit that several playing fields have been more than levelled in the internet age, they’ve outright cratered.

What makes a lot of the innovation possible is the drastic reduction in the opportunity costs of failure. Examples range from telephony to the recording industry. Where once a state-of-the-art SS7 telecom switching station cost several million dollars to construct, today you can pratically hookup a laptop with
SER and Asterix to a PRI card and be in the same business … Read the rest

Forget Ajax, a look at two good blog tracking and SEO tools

Yesterday I blogged about AJAX, and other uses aside, how I don’t think it’s useful as a selling feature and mentioned MyLongTail.com as an example, and then I mentioned MyBlogLog.com as another site in a similar niche.

First, as I’ve commented before (somewhere), the speed at which search engines and specialty filters index and disseminate has reached the point where it happens in near real time, as the comments to yesterday’s post illustrate. MyLongTail’s Mike Levin left a couple constructive comments within hours and I woke up this morning to find a third comment from MyBlogLog’s Eric Marcoullier . … Read the rest

AJAX Heresy: It’s not a feature and nobody really cares anyway

Lately I’ve been hacking around with AJAX. Most of the time AJAX is used for little more than eye candy but I thought I had found a situation where AJAX would do actually something novel and solve an existing problem.

The problem is on our universal whois lookup site: easyWhois.com, where it has sporadically run into problems over the years where one registrar site or another (*cough* *cough* Netsol *cough*), would block us for “excessive queries”. The idea was to use AJAX to push the query back into the client’s browser, instead of doing it from easywhois. The server … Read the rest

June 6 prediction nailed, another example of the long tail of blogging

About a year ago I blogged about the approaching June 6, 2006 date and owing to its MM/DD/YY date string I predicted that a lot of rubbish was going to surface in form of conspiracy theories around this date.

It looks like I was right, just a small sampling of net.kookiness brings all kinds of hyperbole from the lunatic fringes of the internet like June 6, 2006: 6 Things You Must Know, the Left Behind folks are releasing The Rapture on June 6, and even mainstream Hollywood is re-releasing The Omen on this date.

What I didn’t expect was … Read the rest

Useless mash-up between pdns pipe backend and md5

I’ve had the idea to do some tinkering with powerdns’ pipe backend for awhile and had decided to rig up a quick and dirty MD5 encoder/decoder database on a domain I’ve had for awhile MD5.ORG

So it was pretty easy. Now anybody can quickly get an MD5 hash on any string that’ll fit inside a DNS query packet by doing something like:

host -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

or the slightly less readable

dig -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

Then for completeness you can try and see if we already know what string creates a given MD5 hash and retrieve it using

host -t
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