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Tucows may be overlooked as a value stock (no, really)

Some time ago Tucows (AMEX:TCX, TSX:TC) issued a press release reminding the world that they hold a sizable portfolio of premium domain names, the subtext to which was ostensibly “look at us, we’re undervalued”. Jay Westerdal over at DomainTools commented in his blog in essence that the premium domain portfolio of Tucows was not priced into the stock and in his estimation he could see the stock doubling within 2 years. Jay’s assessment was an estimate. After looking at this in detail, I personally think Tucows has an intrinsic value between 0.94 and 1.58 per share (currently trading at … Read the rest

What is wrong with this picture?

Ad from Craigslist:

Pro Day Trader (Millions_) (Toronto)

Pro Day Trader Looking for venture capital
High return possible (potential Millions)Glad to negotiate
Several years experience in equities,futures
Only serious inquires !200k to do it right
Thank You Don

I’ve seen ads like this many times. It begs a few obvious questions:

  • Why seek outside capital to daytrade? The risk premium to the investor would make the cost-of-capital quite prohibitive
  • If these daytraders are so good, where is their own pile of cash that they’ve taken out of the market? And why aren’t they using that to stake themselves?
  • What kinds
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Ontario Energy Savings or Ontario Energy Slamming?

I have known for some time that the practice of “slamming” was not exclusive to the domain name industry. In my business we are well acquainted with outfits like Domain Registry of Canada and others. There are other related “business models” in the online space: trademark monitoring “services” that look like they come from an official source, nebulous business “directories” you’re supposed to “renew your listing” in. These often look like invoices, run several hundred dollars and probably bank on the fact that a certain number of accounts payable departments will just treat them as such and remit payment on … Read the rest

What would Eckhart Tolle do with incontrovertible proof that 9/11 was an “inside job”?

Today’s post considers far-fringe deep-politics within the context of individual spirituality and consciousness cultivation. It doesn’t aim to come off sounding apathetic (9/11 was an inside job? So what?), but it takes a serious look at the “what if it were true” consequences from a viewpoint of “what could we do about it that isn’t as bad as the mindset that precipitated it in the first place”?

I come to the conclusion that retribution-oriented finales, be it a blood-in-the-streets revolution or a neo-Nuremburg spectacle where the guilty are hung from meathooks en masse, though understandable, entirely predictable and possibly even … Read the rest

The CRTC Gets a Clue…

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to receive the news that Tim Denton has been appointed a full time commissioner to the CRTC (that’s our version of the FCC for you American’s in the audience).

Having served with Tim on the CIRA Board back in the day, I know that Tim knows his telecom policy, understands technology and he’s a lawyer. We need more people like that and I think he’ll be in a position to bring his unique blend of expertise to the organization.… Read the rest

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