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The Long Tail of Entitlement Trumps Self-Reliance and Intelligence

I have long had in my mind’s eye a kind of chart with a bell curve in it that intuitively explained to me why, over time in a democracy, the lowest common denominator of cultural and political discourse will sink, which will have a negative feedback effect on the overall robustness of society. Today I got an email from my longtime internet penpal Larry Wallman, quoting Ron Paul, that finally motivated me enough to whip up excel and try to plot it:


What Larry Wallman sent via email was his famed “Sunday Comments”, which, since I no longer daytrade at … Read the rest

TM-Collection – The latest “Trademark Directory” scam outfit

This one came in via postal mail from Hungary, a pretty straightforward looking “invoice” for our trademark in something called the “TM-Collection – International Register of Trademarks”.

I’m sure if one were to confront these companies they would tell you they are “offering a service” not trying to chump you with a fake looking invoice, but I contend that the latter is indeed the end-game behind all these. Why? Because when somebody is trying to sell you a service that you don’t already own, use, subscribe to, etc, the order form is invariably accompanied by a sales letter. No … Read the rest

My brush with greatness

Back in the early 90’s, around 1995 I think, I was on my way into a bar in London, Ontario called “Kiplings” to see The Ramones. I had been
“carded” by the doorman and after I entered I was walking backwards saying to my friend “I can’t believe they ID’d me” when I felt myself bump into someone.

I turned around and found my eyes level with a black leather jacket, followed it up to find myself being gazed down upon by a seemingly annoyed  Joey Ramone. He gently brushed me aside, wordlessly and with Johnny, Marky and … Read the rest

Life as a lemming

Apparently today is iPhone-day in Canada, and this is one of the smaller line-ups for them, out near my place on the way into work. Bear in mind it has been raining fairly hard all morning and from what I’ve heard, the data pricing on the Rogers iPhone isn’t the greatest.

Readers of this blog know I’ve been using a an unlocked iPhone on fido for quite some time now – I have a very old contract with Fido, unlimited data transfers that’s been grandfathered in ever since. You can’t buy these anymore, which is why I faithfully renew this … Read the rest

I once was lost, but now I’m found

For some reason, PrivateWorld.com, the domain name I recently moved my personal blog to, a domain I’ve owned since 1997 and used to house the company website from a previous partnership (Private World Communications) was delisted from the Google index. I’m not sure when it happened as I was receiving traffic from google via this domain almost immediately over the cutover.

To avoid a possible penalty for duplicate content I began using a 301 redirect from my previous Mark.Jeftovic.net blog hostname. No good deed goes unpunished, they say. Once PrivateWorld got dropped from the index I was gone … Read the rest

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