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Career-ending moments in show-business: Jeff Macke

CNBC has always been somewhat of a joke to people like me: contrarians, goldbugs, bears and sundry “nutjobs”. We get no respect but it’s hard to believe that people like this are highly paid market commentators

This happened on CNBC yesterday, when Jeff Macke started interspersing absolute non-sequiturs between a litany of tangential rants and insults. Clusterstock reported today that Macke is under a lot of stress, currently negotiating his contract with CNBC. Word is, after yesterday’s stunt, he may be on his way out the door.

As Clusterstock observed:

“He couldn’t carry his own show, he doesn’t have any

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WSW Taking on 500 new members tomorrow at noon (early access below)

In my role as a failed musician and absentee CEO, I’m often asked to do celebrity endorsements: hair restoration, hair removal, breath mints, etc. I rarely do unless it’s a product or service I actually believe in.

So when Mike Swanson of Wall Street Window emailed me to tell me that tomorrow at noon he will open the gates of his Power Investor service to 500 new members, I took the time to forward the advance access link to a few friends of mine who were waiting for their next chance to sign up, and now I’m posting it here.… Read the rest

The most priceless decription of government in decades….

Marc Faber of GloomBoomDoom included the daily dirtnap in his May commentary that contained the following description of government:

The gold bugs realize that government is nothing more than a grandiose, malignant, homeowners’ association and that any collective of do-gooders tends to do themselves in if given enough time.

Amen to that.… Read the rest

Did the free markets fail us in this meltdown?

This morning on my way into the office, I was listening to CIUT, as I often do. Nena Baker was on Alternative Radio talking up her book The Body Toxic, and she cited the case of an herbacide called Atrazine. It seems to seriously mess up some frogs in lab tests, and from many indications is highly toxic. The chemical is already banned in European Union, where Syngenta, the company that manufactures it, is based.

It got me thinking. How on earth can anybody be expected to keep on top of this stuff? The next thought was “only a … Read the rest

Goldbugs should be careful what they wish for: they’ll lose big in a return to gold-backed currency

With gold nearing that psychological $1000/oz mark once again with a full head of steam, the USD dollar looking very toppy and a bond collapse all but assured now, gold investors and even mainstream media are occasionally talking about “gold standards”. With the likes of Peter Schiff and Marc Faber getting some respect in the mainstream media, joe-six pack is hearing phrases like “return to a gold backed currency” in passing over CNBC et al.

It’s not being discussed seriously, it’s just that the sound money pundits are actually able to get the words out of their mouths now … Read the rest

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