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Canadian M3 Money Supply still going strong. (Is that good or bad?)

At least M3 is still reported here in Canada. The number is so politically indigestible in the US, they simply pronounced it “irrelevant” and stopped reporting it years ago. To get US numbers you have to use the non-official numbers over at ShadowStats.

Source: Statistics Canada
Canadian M3 Money Supply 2005-2007

Statistics Canada still reports it. In fact they seem to have updated the figures today. We see that M3 grew single digits from 2005 through 2007, the yearly YOY numbers were 9%, 7% and 9% again before flaring out to 12% from 2007 to 2008.

US M3 Tanked
What’s interesting is the seeming divergence between … Read the rest

Lifestyle business? Damn right!

I had to respond to Rick Segal’s dig at “lifestyle businesses” in EYODF Part 8 – How to Hold Down 10 Jobs Simultaneously. Even though he’s no longer a VC, he seems to still hold the standard VC dogma which despises that dreaded L-word.

God forbid somebody builds a business and gets to a point where it requires very little work and just spins off cash. To VC’s that’s a travesty. They have a pejorative term for it, “the lifestyle business”.

First, I’m sorry. Very sorry. I’m very sorry for ever (E-V-E-R!) calling your business a “nice lifestyle business.”

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What’s Next, Canada Pension Plan Buys Twitter?

I haven’t been blogging much over the summer and I’ve made a commitment to myself to get back into it over the fall. Here’s as good a place as any to start.

I’m doing some comparative research of Canada versus the US: growth of money supply, national debt as a percentage of GDP, account surplus. From that I’m trying to figure out if I’m about to do something suicidal (buy a building for the company after our lease expires next year), or shrewd. A big part of the calculus here is to try to get a feel for the downside … Read the rest

Demystifying “Government Guaranteed Gas Rebate Cheques”

The Oxford Club publishes an investment newsletter but I’m pretty sure they make far more money pushing financial advisory info products than they do actually investing into the trades they talk up. I subscribed for a year, found it to be a “pay for more ads” kind of upsell machine and discontinued.

They still send me their sales letters. I guess the hardest thing to face was that at one point in time I actually responded to this stuff.

Anyhoo…today’s sales letter is a 19 page opus How to Claim Your First “Gas Rebate” Check on July 15 because….

“… Read the rest

TARP funds were for loosening up the credit markets, right? Right?

Can’t go into this too much, but was on the phone yesterday with a friend of mine who is COO of a tech outfit in New York state. Been in business around 5 years, has customers, revenues, cashflow, etc.

They had an operating line-of-credit with Silicon Valley Bank, who in December took somewhere north of 230 million in TARP funds. TARP funds were handed out to “get the credit markets flowing again” after they completely seized up in late ’08. This company has not used up a lot of their credit line, but they do use it. They’ve never … Read the rest

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