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Preparing to Invest and Trade in 2011

On Tuesday, January 4th Mike Swanson will be opening his WallStreetWindow service to new subscribers for the first time in nearly a year.

Mike is a contributor here at Wealth.net, I’ve been a long time subscriber of his service, and …… Read the rest

Banks.com enters sale/leaseback with Domain Capital

It was just pointed out to me that Banks.com has entered into a sale/leaseback arrangement with Domain Capital for their flagship domain, banks.com. Under the terms of the arrangement Banks.com received $571,452.08 ($600,000 minus a security deposit) and will leaseback the domain over 5 years for monthly payments of $14,273.96. This means Domain Capital will [...]… Read the rest

On the Implications of providing DNS for Wikileaks

It may not have taken long for us to lose our first customer as a result of taking on DNS for wikileaks.ch (who knows if we lost any for incorrectly blamed for unplugging them in the first place). One of the support guys just relayed the following from a customer:

“With regards to easyDNS support for Wikileaks and enemies of the State and support for terrorists overseas.
He and his clients disapprove of easyDNS position and our open support of Wikileaks.”

We may be hearing more of that in the days to come.

Taking this on was for us more … Read the rest

First they came for the file-sharing domains…

(Background: as you may or may not be aware, earlier in the year the US Department of Homeland Security began seizing domain names of various filesharing websites. Suddenly the agency tasked with protecting the United States from further terrorist attacks was now seizing domain names to combat copyright infringement. Without further adieu, I bring you [...]… Read the rest

Being “paid to wait”…

I was just flipping through the channels the other day checking the weather on the TV  and as I surfed past the Business News Network I overheard one of the talking heads talking up some blue chip stock with a …… Read the rest

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