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IMHO Oracle won’t sell sun.com, and TheDomains censors comments

Domainers, ever hopeful that there is some “big domaining angle” to anything that happens in the world are busy kicking around guestimates for how much SUN.COM will sell for, given the announcement from Oracle that they will be decommissioning the domain name on June 1st. Estimates around the industry vary from 800K to around 2.5M, [...]… Read the rest

Martin Armstrong released from federal prison

Martin Armstrong has been released into home custody pending his appeal, expected this September, 2011. He released this statement on his website on March 14, the day after he released his outlook for gold, which I haven’t had a …… Read the rest

Maybe they’re right….

May 21 2011 Will Be The Day of JudgementI made a brief mention of this burgeoning apocalyptic movement a few weeks ago. It came as quite a shock to me to see this billboard in the west end of Toronto, Canada. It’s not like we’re in the midst of the bible belt up here.

Also recall my observation and experience a few years ago with the whole “06/06/06” date thing, where people went into a near hysteria over the flimsiest correlations, I have been warning of people to brace for near epic 2012 panic as it draws closer. But these May 21, 2011 folks are jumping the … Read the rest

easySwag, should we bother?

You saw it on the news, you heard it from a FOAF, you retweeted it….now you can own the t-shirt?

Not sure if we're actually going to do this. We've never really been much into swag (or marketing, or PR….or sales), but we had the idea for these on the heels of that whole wikileaks media fiasco, and maybe some of our members may actually want something like this?

easyDNS Killed JFK!

Done the time, may as well do the crime....

Or maybe….

easyDNS has WMD!

Other possibles:

  • easyDNS causes #cancer
  • easyDNS is run by Freemasons
  • easyDNS: Stop the
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Can a business be ethical and survive?

A couple weeks ago I drove up north to a cabin in Algonquin Park with a bunch of books, a guitar and Damon Vicker’s audiobook “The Day After The Dollar Crashes” on my iphone for the drive. It …… Read the rest

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