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Confessions of an Economic Witch Doctor

I just read about Jeffries economist Jim Zervos’ note to clients on BI, in which he admonishes the “Austrian economist types” and “perma-bears” for being so gloomy, for likening this current bull market to a “sugar high”. Because in …… Read the rest

The Tragedy of Contrarianism

Being a contrarian is never glamorous. Even the word itself seems to be ostracized by the various word processor dictionaries as I’m often used to seeing it underlined with red dots signifying a spelling error when I type it online.…… Read the rest

Sonic Reducer cover (Parkdale Hookers)

Somebody recorded this on their cellphone when we opened for Garage Baby at Mitzi’s Sister, November 2012

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Somebody with deep pockets making a big bet…on gold.

A couple days ago, while Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal was gleefully hyperventilating about gold’s “death cross” (recall the “Joe Weisenthal can’t fail contrarian gold indicator here“), somebody undauntedly stepped up within the last 3 minutes of the trading …… Read the rest

Can your organization get blindsided and knocked offline by this trivial domain vulnerability?

domain_revengeThere's an article on BI about how a disgruntled freelancer took a gym's website offline over a billing dispute. Regardless of who's right and who's wrong in this particular case, it underscores the reality that too many businesses let their core domain holdings be registered on their behalf by freelancers or employees in their own names rather than in the name of the organization itself.

This is a huge vulnerability and one of the more common causes of why we see businesses going offline.

As we wrote in our "Definitive Guide To Never Losing Your Domain Name Again", (members … Read the rest

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