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Here’s the thing: Gold is in a bull market

I’ve been meaning to post this article for awhile, but everytime I almost got around to it, gold would have reversed higher like a bullet and I didn’t want to come out and say “gold is in a bull market” while it’s screaming to new highs, because then it’s pretty self-evident.

So gold is on a serious pullback right now, one of those reversals where everybody is calling for an end to the gold bull market.

Because I’ve been invested in gold since around 2002, I often get asked where I think the price is going. To this I reply, … Read the rest

Do Business With easyDNS…or the dog gets it.

I’m posting this under “How to lose customers”, but given the circumstances behind this post, perhaps I should post it under “How to lose employees“. Now that the new easyDNS website is finally launched, I have been reviewing the content with an eye toward readability, clarity and general usability.

I came across an archived page that didn’t “make the cut” when we launched the website, basically because it offended nearly everybody on staff and they made no bones about telling me. They felt that it went too far, it was too over the top and it was downright offensiveRead the rest

Have (another) Parkdale Hookers Christmas

My band has re-released our perennial family favorite “Have a Parkdale Hookers Christmas” on the band website. Phil had it re-mastered at the Laquer Channel and if I may say so, it sounds pretty kick-ass.

Seasonal Greetings to all.… Read the rest

Because your security is very unimportant to us

We’re forcing you to use a watered down, weaker password to authenticate your credit card info:

For your convenience, and the convenience of those attempting to crack the password protecting this account, please only use characters in your password from this smaller, known set of values so that the total potential keyspace required to crack your account is a minute fraction of what it should be.

Thank you.

This is from Verified by VISA btw.… Read the rest

Enabling SASL authentication on postifx for outbound email

There are a lot of articles about how to enable your postfix server to accept inbound SASL connections for authenticated mail. Sometimes you want to do the opposite: get postfix to route all outbound mail via an upstream mail relay with SASL authentication.

Case in point: Last night I grabbed a new VPS via Slicehost, and there are a few wobbles, but so far the support seems responsive and I loved the lighning fast activation. Who knows what the last occupant of my IP there did though, cause it’s listed in the spamhaus xbl-sbl:

Nov 4 00:43:25 thirteen postfix/smtp[12557]:

Read the rest
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