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Boom or Crash for 2007?

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average making new highs, Wall St. experts and pundits all agree that 2007 will be an up year for major indices. By the way, they always agree that next year will be an up year. If things look particularly and undeniably bleak, then they’ll predict a “second half recovery” but an up year all the same.

Nobody can say for sure what the future will bring. In general terms you can come out ahead simply betting against economists and weathermen. It may not work all the time, but I suspect it’s statistically better than playing … Read the rest

Why I want free markets and honest money

This post was gelling in my mind prior to yesterday’s fall of the Liberal government, but now that every political hack in the vicinity is going to bombard me with lies promises for “change” I’ll outline the kind of changes we need to see and why there is no politician equipped to attempt to deliver it.

I’m currently reading two books: Empire of Debt by the Daily Reckoning’s Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggins, and The Monetary Elite Vs. Gold’s Honest Discipline by Vincent LoCascio, whom in an act of supreme flattery, sent me a copy asking for my thoughts. … Read the rest

Thieves and other opponents of property rights lament ETR ruling

I was driving to an appointment last night listening to talk radio and heard whiner after whiner complaining about recent court decision that empowers the operators of the privately owned and operated ETR ( express toll route) to prevent toll route debtors from having their license plates renewed until they pay up.

This is a new turn of events and people who owe the ETR money are plenty steamed about it. Calls were coming in from people who owed upwards of $4,000 and $5,000. They’re upset. They assumed they would be able to continue stealing services forever. Now that … Read the rest

Corruption, not terrorism, is the true enemy of our time.

As I watch more of our rights being chisled away, such as random searches on subways in NYC or the impending “Lawful Access” here in Canada, I realize that like it or not, some form of surveillance society is probably inevitable. I also thought this long before 9/11 as this post of mine on the OpenFlows mailing list describes back on Sept/99.

In it I cite Damon Knight’s short story I See You which describes a not-so-distant future society where everybody can monitor anything in both time and space. Crime becomes impossible and privacy extinguished. As David Brin once observedRead the rest

Not enough guns for Sieg

My friend Sieg is back from his vacation in the USA and he laments the sad state of gun ownership in Canada and compares with the States. This is another area where I have mixed feelings and sometimes disagree with him.

Sieg’s problem is he gives people too much credit. Although he advocates “outlaw idiots, not guns”. We live in a society where you are pretty much rewarded for being docile and stupid and penalized for being smart enough to know better. He also doesn’t live in downtown Toronto, like I do.

Here in Toronto it’s not unheard of to … Read the rest

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