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Maybe they’re right….

May 21 2011 Will Be The Day of JudgementI made a brief mention of this burgeoning apocalyptic movement a few weeks ago. It came as quite a shock to me to see this billboard in the west end of Toronto, Canada. It’s not like we’re in the midst of the bible belt up here.

Also recall my observation and experience a few years ago with the whole “06/06/06” date thing, where people went into a near hysteria over the flimsiest correlations, I have been warning of people to brace for near epic 2012 panic as it draws closer. But these May 21, 2011 folks are jumping the … Read the rest

Life as a lemming

Apparently today is iPhone-day in Canada, and this is one of the smaller line-ups for them, out near my place on the way into work. Bear in mind it has been raining fairly hard all morning and from what I’ve heard, the data pricing on the Rogers iPhone isn’t the greatest.

Readers of this blog know I’ve been using a an unlocked iPhone on fido for quite some time now – I have a very old contract with Fido, unlimited data transfers that’s been grandfathered in ever since. You can’t buy these anymore, which is why I faithfully renew this … Read the rest

What would Eckhart Tolle do with incontrovertible proof that 9/11 was an “inside job”?

Today’s post considers far-fringe deep-politics within the context of individual spirituality and consciousness cultivation. It doesn’t aim to come off sounding apathetic (9/11 was an inside job? So what?), but it takes a serious look at the “what if it were true” consequences from a viewpoint of “what could we do about it that isn’t as bad as the mindset that precipitated it in the first place”?

I come to the conclusion that retribution-oriented finales, be it a blood-in-the-streets revolution or a neo-Nuremburg spectacle where the guilty are hung from meathooks en masse, though understandable, entirely predictable and possibly even … Read the rest

YABR: Yet Another Blog Rebranding

I’ve changed my blog name again. I realized I really like the “private world” meme and plan to expand on it at length and that “markjeftovic.ca” was just a way better domain name than “mark.jeftovic.net”.

I also ditched the “Under the Radar” caption because I found out awhile back that there is another tech blog that calls itself that. So after some consideration I’ve gone with “Exile From the Herd” because it follows on some thinking I’ve been doing about the very rough division of all people into three groups:

  1. The Herd If you’re aware of it, you do not
Read the rest

Another day, another singularity

I’ve been pondering a post for sometime about the pure implausibility of capital-C Conspiracies. The one’s where everything under the sun is orchestrated and executed by a behind-the-scenes power block “at the top” THAT CONTROLS EVERYTHING.

Bear in mind that everything is relative: One man’s knitting circle is another’s shadowy cabal.

Whether it was Alfred Pike meticulously planning three world wars over two hundred years ago, William Guy Carr’s Luciferian-Communist conspiracy which engineered every siginificant event of the 20-th century, or even David Icke’s “we really do live in a Matrix controlled by lizards” fantasy, there was an obvious … Read the rest

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