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Obligatory mesh web 2.0 conference post

I decided to attend the Mesh web 2.0 conference since it was taking place within walking distance of my place. I had better blog that now, since I brazenly left my laptop at home when I went (convention faux pas).

The question that I always have is what the hell is web 2.0 anyway? And how is it different from web 1.0?

There was a predictable mutual admiration club forming over blogs, tagging, social networking, RSS and communities. “100% authenticity” was being bandied about in a lot of overheard conversations.

Now that “web 2.0” is heating up as defined by … Read the rest

Negative blog posts: How not to handle them.

Quick Boy’s Movers became upset because of a negative comment posted about them on Joey DeVilla’s weblog. The comment became the #2 result on Google for “Quick Boy’s Movers” and they did not like this.

What should they have done?

Well they shouldn’t have called Joey up, threatened to go over his head to his employer and made a lot of noise that he take the comment down. Now the whole saga has exploded into the blogosphere. When Corey blogs it on Boing Boing it’s game over.

If you Google “Quick Boy’s Movers” now, guess what comes up first? That’s … Read the rest

And the most useless technology ever award goes to…

Car Alarms.

I write this as I listen to one going off steady for about the last half hour. It brought back painful memories of my last apartment, on a residential street with lots of street parking for the local residents and there being about a half dozen repeat offender cars whose alarms were on a hair trigger. They would go off for no reason several times an hour, all day, every day.

In their most common form car alarms don’t do anything to mitigate threats to your vehicle. They just piss people off. I wouldn’t be surprised to find … Read the rest


The Preparing for the Death of the Link Based Algorithm on Threadwatch.org discusses a Death to Link Based Algorithms posting which prompted me to foward the links and my own observations to “SEOSteve”.

SEOSteve’s name has been changed to protect the paranoid: which is Steve himself. He’s an SEO professional and a good friend of mine, lives down in the US. Big city. Great guy and a personal friend as long as we agree never to discuss politics.

SEOSteve is embarking on a very committed, in depth project which involves SE rankings. When he describes it to me I … Read the rest

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