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TARP funds were for loosening up the credit markets, right? Right?

Can’t go into this too much, but was on the phone yesterday with a friend of mine who is COO of a tech outfit in New York state. Been in business around 5 years, has customers, revenues, cashflow, etc.

They had an operating line-of-credit with Silicon Valley Bank, who in December took somewhere north of 230 million in TARP funds. TARP funds were handed out to “get the credit markets flowing again” after they completely seized up in late ’08. This company has not used up a lot of their credit line, but they do use it. They’ve never … Read the rest

When The Music Stops

There is a saying among Native Indians “He who doesn’t consider what is distant, will find sorrow near at hand”. I suspect we are entering an age where, to paraphrase Douglas Casey, the inevitable is finally becoming imminent. Today’s post is about a couple of trainwrecks, one that just happened which everybody could have and should have seen coming, the other is still on the rails…for now.… Read the rest

OpenDNS’ address bar labels is a signpost to the type-in domainers

Predictably, most of the reaction to my Domain Aftermarket Due for an ‘Asset Repricing’ post awhile back was disgruntled and hostile. The domainer traffic king Rick Schwartz called it “One of the worst and most inacurate[sic] articles on domains I have ever read.” and on the various forums I was called a total idiot and worse.

Since I’m talking about it, I should mention that I did get some of the numbers in the article wrong, like way off wrong. Drugs.com sold for 800K, not 4M and Yun Yi’s Ultsearch portfolio was bought by Marchex for 165 Million, not … Read the rest

Forget Ajax, a look at two good blog tracking and SEO tools

Yesterday I blogged about AJAX, and other uses aside, how I don’t think it’s useful as a selling feature and mentioned MyLongTail.com as an example, and then I mentioned MyBlogLog.com as another site in a similar niche.

First, as I’ve commented before (somewhere), the speed at which search engines and specialty filters index and disseminate has reached the point where it happens in near real time, as the comments to yesterday’s post illustrate. MyLongTail’s Mike Levin left a couple constructive comments within hours and I woke up this morning to find a third comment from MyBlogLog’s Eric Marcoullier . … Read the rest

AJAX Heresy: It’s not a feature and nobody really cares anyway

Lately I’ve been hacking around with AJAX. Most of the time AJAX is used for little more than eye candy but I thought I had found a situation where AJAX would do actually something novel and solve an existing problem.

The problem is on our universal whois lookup site: easyWhois.com, where it has sporadically run into problems over the years where one registrar site or another (*cough* *cough* Netsol *cough*), would block us for “excessive queries”. The idea was to use AJAX to push the query back into the client’s browser, instead of doing it from easywhois. The server … Read the rest

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