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The Long Tail of Entitlement Trumps Self-Reliance and Intelligence

I have long had in my mind’s eye a kind of chart with a bell curve in it that intuitively explained to me why, over time in a democracy, the lowest common denominator of cultural and political discourse will sink, which will have a negative feedback effect on the overall robustness of society. Today I got an email from my longtime internet penpal Larry Wallman, quoting Ron Paul, that finally motivated me enough to whip up excel and try to plot it:


What Larry Wallman sent via email was his famed “Sunday Comments”, which, since I no longer daytrade at … Read the rest

He says that like it’s a bad thing…

I don’t know who Jesse Larner is, I don’t own a gun, and I may be the only card carrying libertarian in the world who has never read an Ayn Rand book. But I felt I had to put down my thoughts in response to his “Sinister Folly of Ayn Rand” rant on the Huffington Post. Specifically this comment:

In her insistence that she owed nothing to the state, nothing to any human being other than herself, Rand epitomized the kind of childishness shown by libertarians who insist that they have every legal and moral right to own as many

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