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What’s Next, Canada Pension Plan Buys Twitter?

I haven’t been blogging much over the summer and I’ve made a commitment to myself to get back into it over the fall. Here’s as good a place as any to start.

I’m doing some comparative research of Canada versus the US: growth of money supply, national debt as a percentage of GDP, account surplus. From that I’m trying to figure out if I’m about to do something suicidal (buy a building for the company after our lease expires next year), or shrewd. A big part of the calculus here is to try to get a feel for the downside … Read the rest

Career-ending moments in show-business: Jeff Macke

CNBC has always been somewhat of a joke to people like me: contrarians, goldbugs, bears and sundry “nutjobs”. We get no respect but it’s hard to believe that people like this are highly paid market commentators

This happened on CNBC yesterday, when Jeff Macke started interspersing absolute non-sequiturs between a litany of tangential rants and insults. Clusterstock reported today that Macke is under a lot of stress, currently negotiating his contract with CNBC. Word is, after yesterday’s stunt, he may be on his way out the door.

As Clusterstock observed:

“He couldn’t carry his own show, he doesn’t have any

Read the rest

Buy now, pay later, buy now, pay forever…

Back in my previous life as a failed musician, I wrote a song called Multi-Media World and the title of this post were the closing lyrics in the outro of that song. Around the same period of my life, I had zero financial literacy, was being hounded by debt collectors for my student loans and maxed out credit cards and had zero prospects.

I realize in retrospect, I had no business having credit cards back then. I also realize that most people have no business having a credit card today. Easy credit destroys lives. I was lucky, because 1) I … Read the rest

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