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Do Business With easyDNS…or the dog gets it.

I’m posting this under “How to lose customers”, but given the circumstances behind this post, perhaps I should post it under “How to lose employees“. Now that the new easyDNS website is finally launched, I have been reviewing the content with an eye toward readability, clarity and general usability.

I came across an archived page that didn’t “make the cut” when we launched the website, basically because it offended nearly everybody on staff and they made no bones about telling me. They felt that it went too far, it was too over the top and it was downright offensiveRead the rest

Screw that customer, I’m on lunch

Just a quick observation, I was just out running an errand and I was in a grocery store. As I was cashing out I heard a cashier behind me calling for a “carry out” for a customer. A few moments later, I heard it again. Then she called over to my cashier, “I’m having a hard time getting a carry out”.

My cashier turned to a guy over a couple aisles and asked “Nick, can you do a carry out?” and he just shook his head, expressionless, “I’m on lunch” and started walking away, past the customer waiting for a … Read the rest

Screw you, you’re just the customer, go to hell

It was one of the comedians off an old “Women of the Night” tape I used to have, after a particular zinger against an ex quipped “some of these I do just for me”. Which probably applies to this entire category which I’ve just created: How to lose customers. I’ve had one of those mornings which leaves me simply astounded. How can half the businesses I have interacted with today survive let alone turn a profit?

In the macro objective Vulcan view of things, times must simply be too good right now. Too much easy money sloshing around the … Read the rest

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