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The most priceless decription of government in decades….

Marc Faber of GloomBoomDoom included the daily dirtnap in his May commentary that contained the following description of government:

The gold bugs realize that government is nothing more than a grandiose, malignant, homeowners’ association and that any collective of do-gooders tends to do themselves in if given enough time.

Amen to that.… Read the rest

All Hail The Chief and God Bless …The Left

I know my friend and mentor The Atavist blogged yesterday that it makes no real difference who won the election, I am, to quote a favorite phrase of my attorney, “cautiously optimistic”.… Read the rest

The CRTC Gets a Clue…

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to receive the news that Tim Denton has been appointed a full time commissioner to the CRTC (that’s our version of the FCC for you American’s in the audience).

Having served with Tim on the CIRA Board back in the day, I know that Tim knows his telecom policy, understands technology and he’s a lawyer. We need more people like that and I think he’ll be in a position to bring his unique blend of expertise to the organization.… Read the rest

Help Kill Politics in Canada

I think the most underappreciated quip about politics comes from that seminal work The Sovereign Individual by Davidson & Rees-Mogg where they observe that:

“Too little attention has been paid to the fact that electoral politics lures disordered, messianic personalities into positions of power.”

I endeavour to bring as much attention to that fact whenever possible, the point still seems lost on the majority of the populace. Aliester Crowley once posited that what separates man from animal is “the desire to be important”, politics is the arena of choice for those too talentless to take a stab at celebrity.… Read the rest

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