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Tucows may be overlooked as a value stock (no, really)

Some time ago Tucows (AMEX:TCX, TSX:TC) issued a press release reminding the world that they hold a sizable portfolio of premium domain names, the subtext to which was ostensibly “look at us, we’re undervalued”. Jay Westerdal over at DomainTools commented in his blog in essence that the premium domain portfolio of Tucows was not priced into the stock and in his estimation he could see the stock doubling within 2 years. Jay’s assessment was an estimate. After looking at this in detail, I personally think Tucows has an intrinsic value between 0.94 and 1.58 per share (currently trading at … Read the rest

What is wrong with this picture?

Ad from Craigslist:

Pro Day Trader (Millions_) (Toronto)

Pro Day Trader Looking for venture capital
High return possible (potential Millions)Glad to negotiate
Several years experience in equities,futures
Only serious inquires !200k to do it right
Thank You Don

I’ve seen ads like this many times. It begs a few obvious questions:

  • Why seek outside capital to daytrade? The risk premium to the investor would make the cost-of-capital quite prohibitive
  • If these daytraders are so good, where is their own pile of cash that they’ve taken out of the market? And why aren’t they using that to stake themselves?
  • What kinds
Read the rest

Q: How do you get out of a mess? A: don’t cause one.

I had to laugh out loud when I watched Jim Rogers interviewed on CNBC, after he lambasted Bernanke for his abject mishandling of the credit market implosion, one interviewer asked: “Tell me two things you would you do if you were Bernanke tomorrow?” – Without missing a beat he said 1: Abolish the fed and 2: ResignRead the rest

Time to jump off the parabola

As readers of this blog know, I typically stay away from “hot” investment sectors because I’m antisocial and dislike crowds. Over the last few days I have seen what can only be called red flashing warning lights from a few different places like The Privateer (“Warning lights flashing worldwide”), Larry Wallman’s “Sunday Comments” (“We are someplace in the “mania” segment of the bull run.” and George Ure’s Urban Survival.

I have yet to read Marc Faber’s May GloomBoomDoom but then again, he already said this last month. So imagine to my surprise when my memory jogs and I realize: … Read the rest

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