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Here’s the thing: Gold is in a bull market

I’ve been meaning to post this article for awhile, but everytime I almost got around to it, gold would have reversed higher like a bullet and I didn’t want to come out and say “gold is in a bull market” while it’s screaming to new highs, because then it’s pretty self-evident.

So gold is on a serious pullback right now, one of those reversals where everybody is calling for an end to the gold bull market.

Because I’ve been invested in gold since around 2002, I often get asked where I think the price is going. To this I reply, … Read the rest

WSW Taking on 500 new members tomorrow at noon (early access below)

In my role as a failed musician and absentee CEO, I’m often asked to do celebrity endorsements: hair restoration, hair removal, breath mints, etc. I rarely do unless it’s a product or service I actually believe in.

So when Mike Swanson of Wall Street Window emailed me to tell me that tomorrow at noon he will open the gates of his Power Investor service to 500 new members, I took the time to forward the advance access link to a few friends of mine who were waiting for their next chance to sign up, and now I’m posting it here.… Read the rest

Don’t be surprised to see the Saudis embrace “Peak Oil”

My first post of the year. I did mention briefly last year that I had gone long on oil. That position is of course, taking some heat. I started going long at about $46/barrel oil and it still had lot farther to fall. There is an old adage “The graveyards of Wall St. are littered with the skulls of those who were too early”. They were probably margined out the hilt.

Fortunately, I’m not. So I just wait, well actually I’ve been buying more oil all the way down. I find this a lot different than piling into, say Nortel … Read the rest

The most idiotic thing I’ve heard all morning….

In case I was doubting my going long on oil last week, this cinched it for me:

Lower heating costs predicted

WASHINGTON – The dramatic drop in world oil prices means a break this winter in heating costs, although households will still be paying more than they did last winter, the government says.

For starters, if a panel of government monkeys say “lower heating costs”, prepare for the opposite. Always do this.

Next, if households are still going to pay more this winter than they did last winter, then guess what? Heating costs are HIGHER you damn dolts. If this … Read the rest

What is keeping the lid on the price of silver?

For anybody who isn’t living in a cave without electricity, the past few weeks have been in a word “eventful”. I have been delaying posting about what’s been happening because so much has happened and it’s been a long time since i wrote about it that penning one, comprehensive post to address it all just seemed a tad overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to just break it into chunks. Chunk #1 is called What is wrong with this picture?Read the rest

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