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The Parkdale Hookers apply to become bank holding company

/Toronto tPHwire/ – In a move presaged by Amex and GMAC, The Parkdale Hookers, or TPH have made the requisite filings with the SEC to become a bank holding company. If approved, the Toronto based indie rock group will then request an estimated 3 billion dollars in recapitalization under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

Although an unorthodox move for an unsigned rock group, “the financial crisis has forced everybody to consider their options”, a spokesperson for the group told Forbes. The power-pop group known for its three chord guitar rock oriented anthems reported no revenues in fiscal 2008, … Read the rest

Damn Right Your Dad Drank It

Parody As an ex-drinker I’m not generally a militant straight-laced stick-in-the-mud (like the way I am a militant ex-smoker). I couldn’t care less if people drink or what they think drinking does for them.

But I find the new Canadian Club Whiskey ad campaign a little silly or bothersome on a couple of levels for some reason, maybe you as well. If so, you may enjoy this ad parody.

Read the rest

In the court of the ICANN Sun King

A good article by John Levine on Why he left the ICANN At Large Advisory Committee resonated with me on a few levels, having decided fairly early on in CIRA Board career that I wouldn’t be sticking around for a second term.

I’ve had very minimal exposure to the inner workings of ICANN, as a nobody on the outside they just seem like an utterly impotent hackey-sack ball that gets hoofed around by Verisign and the US DOC and occasionally passes policy that directly affects my livelihood. But otherwise they don’t stop anybody from throwing the rules to the wind. … Read the rest

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