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Phone spam, telemarketing and junk faxes, how much does it affect you?

Everytime I get an automated phone call trying to sell me something, or a junk fax come through on my home line, I basically become incensed. Tonight I got one of each: an automated robot trying to sell me something and an attempt to send me a junk fax on my home voice line.

For years I have been telling myself “one of these days I’m going to….” you know, actually do something about it. Because I’ve actually got an idea worked out that would be pretty effective at making all this crap go away.

So when … Read the rest

Does is matter which side of the trade you’re on in a derivatives meltdown?

When the subjects of options and derivatives come up, even pundits will depart from their usual cheerleading and adopt an admonishing air of “don’t try this home” to the armchair daytraders: “90% of all options expire worthless” they will say, wagging their fingers at the TV camera. The implication being that most amateur daytraders waste their money buying options that expire out of the money.

Which is probably true. But a large chunk of derivatives aren’t bought by the amateurs, many of them are bought by the commercials, funds and institutions by way of hedging their positions and they actually … Read the rest

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