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Have (another) Parkdale Hookers Christmas

My band has re-released our perennial family favorite “Have a Parkdale Hookers Christmas” on the band website. Phil had it re-mastered at the Laquer Channel and if I may say so, it sounds pretty kick-ass.

Seasonal Greetings to all.… Read the rest

My brush with greatness

Back in the early 90’s, around 1995 I think, I was on my way into a bar in London, Ontario called “Kiplings” to see The Ramones. I had been
“carded” by the doorman and after I entered I was walking backwards saying to my friend “I can’t believe they ID’d me” when I felt myself bump into someone.

I turned around and found my eyes level with a black leather jacket, followed it up to find myself being gazed down upon by a seemingly annoyed  Joey Ramone. He gently brushed me aside, wordlessly and with Johnny, Marky and … Read the rest

Have a Parkdale Hookers Christmas Time

Just in time for the holidays, feast your ears on “Have A Parkdale
Hookers Christmas”, a festive seasonal ditty penned and performed by the
my band, The Parkdale Hookers, and just uploaded to the website for your
downloading pleasure.


Enjoy, and feel free to pass this on to any of your friends who may
enjoy the seasonal cheer.

I hope all is well with you and yours, Happy Holidays.… Read the rest

Bob Rae’s “Same Boat Now” covered by metalheads

Many years ago I was in a band called Landslide.

The Premiere of Ontario at the time was Bob Rae. He penned a little ditty called “Same Boat Now”, and submitted it to Sony Music and was laughed at.

Always the opportunist, and in a band with a drummer who was then a TV reporter covering Queen’s Park (now he’s the Director of Communications for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty), I had the idea to do a power-pop/punk version of the song.

We had a brief media moment over it. I guess you could call it our 15 seconds of fame, … Read the rest

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