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Domain Aftermarket Overdue for an “Asset Repricing”

For the last couple years the domain aftermarket has been hot again, we’re seeing valuations not seen since bubble1.0, which saw valuations like 7 million dollars for business.com and 4 million for drugs.com. The TechWreck was induced by the Nasdaq crash of 2000 and the fun was over for awhile.

What differentiates this bubble in the domain aftermarket from Bubble 1.0 is domain parking and monetization. While it existed in 2000, it was a weirdism on the fringe. Yun Ye was quietly building his Ultsearch empire and cleaning up.

When he sold out to Marchex, for 60+ million cash, the … Read the rest

The problem with remora websites

In the biological world, remora’s attach themselves to larger organisms such as sharks or whales and they “benefit by using the host as transport and protection and also feeds on materials dropped by the host”.

I’ve coined the term “remorasites” to refer to the crop of websites that spring up around any big internet whale and derive their value entirely from servicing that website. The plethora of MySpace profile builders, AOL Instant Message Icon sites, Youtube scrapers all fit this category.… Read the rest

5 things your customers want from you

After a long absence from blogging (again), I’ve compiled a short list of the 5 things your customers want from you and they have nothing to do with web2.0, social bookmarking, widgets, marklets, CSS, RSS, Ajax or search engine optimization. In fact this post formed in my mind over the course of buying a new house, moving into it, and selling the old condo.

In other words, these 5 factors became evident to me offline, in the bricks and mortar world, and in keeping with my tired old view that “there is no such thing as The New Economy”, it … Read the rest

Better Living through Private World Domination

After reading Seth Godin’s So What’s Wrong With Small Business, it occurs to me that my blog’s subtitle, describing myself as a “serial entrepreneur” may have been somewhat inaccurate.

“The distinction I’ve always made is that an entrepreneur is trying to make money while she sleeps, and does it with someone else’s money! That she builds a business bigger than herself, that scales for a long time, that is about processes and markets. A small businessperson, on the other hand, is largely a freelancer with support, someone who understands the natural size of her business and wants to enjoy

Read the rest

Drink your own kool-aid and scatter some acorns

While I have always been quick to point out that there is no such thing as “the New Economy” I have to admit that several playing fields have been more than levelled in the internet age, they’ve outright cratered.

What makes a lot of the innovation possible is the drastic reduction in the opportunity costs of failure. Examples range from telephony to the recording industry. Where once a state-of-the-art SS7 telecom switching station cost several million dollars to construct, today you can pratically hookup a laptop with
SER and Asterix to a PRI card and be in the same business … Read the rest

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