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Because your security is very unimportant to us

We’re forcing you to use a watered down, weaker password to authenticate your credit card info:

For your convenience, and the convenience of those attempting to crack the password protecting this account, please only use characters in your password from this smaller, known set of values so that the total potential keyspace required to crack your account is a minute fraction of what it should be.

Thank you.

This is from Verified by VISA btw.… Read the rest

Lifestyle business? Damn right!

I had to respond to Rick Segal’s dig at “lifestyle businesses” in EYODF Part 8 – How to Hold Down 10 Jobs Simultaneously. Even though he’s no longer a VC, he seems to still hold the standard VC dogma which despises that dreaded L-word.

God forbid somebody builds a business and gets to a point where it requires very little work and just spins off cash. To VC’s that’s a travesty. They have a pejorative term for it, “the lifestyle business”.

First, I’m sorry. Very sorry. I’m very sorry for ever (E-V-E-R!) calling your business a “nice lifestyle business.”

Read the rest

I once was lost, but now I’m found

For some reason, PrivateWorld.com, the domain name I recently moved my personal blog to, a domain I’ve owned since 1997 and used to house the company website from a previous partnership (Private World Communications) was delisted from the Google index. I’m not sure when it happened as I was receiving traffic from google via this domain almost immediately over the cutover.

To avoid a possible penalty for duplicate content I began using a 301 redirect from my previous Mark.Jeftovic.net blog hostname. No good deed goes unpunished, they say. Once PrivateWorld got dropped from the index I was gone … Read the rest

My Domainer’s Magazine is in

I was just wondering about this last week, “didn’t I subscribe to some domainer magazine, sight unseen a while back?”

Yes I did, and my first issue of Domainers’ Magazine arrived this week. It looks quite professionally done. Looking forward to checking it out, I’ll bring it home with me going into the long weekend (Happy Canada Day hosers and an early Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours eh)… Read the rest

Attack of the TechnoPinkos

I have been toying with an adage in mind for a few months, I think I may have invented it. It’s one of those “there are three kinds of people” type quips, goes something like this:

There are three types of people, libertarians, conservatives and socialists.

  • Libertarians think they know how to live their own lives.
  • Conservatives think they know how to run everybody else’s lives.
  • Socialists think they know how we all should live.

This morning I was forwarded a link to the Business2.0 article on domainer Kevin Ham about a half-dozen times and one sent the reddit comment Read the rest

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