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easyDNS launches .SUX Top Level Domain

/04/01/11 TORONTO/ – easyDNS Technologies Inc., the ultra-cool DNS guys, today announced it is moving forward to secure .SUX under the ICANN new TLD process. The .SUX domain is not intended to encourage registrations which disparage any company or entity. “A number of factors have converged to make this possible”, said CEO Mark Jeftovic, “the [...]… Read the rest

IMHO Oracle won’t sell sun.com, and TheDomains censors comments

Domainers, ever hopeful that there is some “big domaining angle” to anything that happens in the world are busy kicking around guestimates for how much SUN.COM will sell for, given the announcement from Oracle that they will be decommissioning the domain name on June 1st. Estimates around the industry vary from 800K to around 2.5M, [...]… Read the rest

Cyberplex decimated by Yahoo/Bing and Q4 Guidance restatement

Cyberplex.com (TSX:CX) is Canada’s largest CPA network with a fairly blue-chip customer base including RBC and Jaguar along with net giants like eHarmony and Netflix. They’ve been pretty aggressively growing revenues and earnings over the past couple years and for awhile I counted myself a shareholder. I sold my position last year when they announced [...]… Read the rest

Banks.com enters sale/leaseback with Domain Capital

It was just pointed out to me that Banks.com has entered into a sale/leaseback arrangement with Domain Capital for their flagship domain, banks.com. Under the terms of the arrangement Banks.com received $571,452.08 ($600,000 minus a security deposit) and will leaseback the domain over 5 years for monthly payments of $14,273.96. This means Domain Capital will [...]… Read the rest

First they came for the file-sharing domains…

(Background: as you may or may not be aware, earlier in the year the US Department of Homeland Security began seizing domain names of various filesharing websites. Suddenly the agency tasked with protecting the United States from further terrorist attacks was now seizing domain names to combat copyright infringement. Without further adieu, I bring you [...]… Read the rest
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