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Guerrilla Capitalism

Lately I am doing most of my blogging from my new site Guerrilla-Capitalism.com

The core mission of GuerrillaCap is to explore how small  & medium sized, independent businesses can compete in an age of increasing consolidation and disruption. You’re not only competing against Google, Amazon, Facebook you’re also competing against the phenomenons of  AI, automation, economies of scale and large-scale financial repression.

How do you do it? That’s what we talk about on Guerrilla Capitalism (or my Medium feed).

(Because of their pivotal role in this tension between centralization and decentralization, we also talk a lot about the crypto-currency Read the rest

Canada: Political fat-cats thrive while Small Business dies

We all know that most small businesses fail. It’s one of the toughest things to attempt: create a small company out of nothing that competes with 800lb gorillas who have all the advantages: economies of scale, cosy access to the corridors of power, and if the worst happens for Big Business, they get bailed out with our tax dollars.

If the worst happens for a small business, it’s game over.

The role of small business in Canada’s economy

According to Industry Canada’s 2016 report “Key Small Business Statistics”

Small businesses in Canada, defined as companies that have up to 99 … Read the rest

Should Paul Bernardo’s book be banned?

About a week ago Amazon finally dropped Paul Bernardo’s book “A Mad World Order” from it’s online store after coming under pressure from a Change.org petition.

The incident opened a number of ethical and moral questions which I think have gone under-examined. I don’t purport to know the answers, I remember the horrific crimes and at the time was in a band with a drummer who’s day job as a court reporter had him covering the case. He relayed details back to us which were then under a media ban and they were just absolutely horrific. So I don’t really … Read the rest

Parsing #paris.The Wetiko Mind Virus Strikes Again.

As is instinctive after events like this, the world now grapples with meaning. After the profound sadness and grief around last night’s events in Paris, I am now mired in nausea at the reactionary attempts to shoehorn this into one ideological container or another, whether it be: gun control, Islamophobia, NWO False Flags, or “Those French had had it coming”.

Every single one of these narratives disgusts me and in my mind misses the larger and more existential issue of our time which is how can events like this, including their causal and Read the rest

The Woody Blues

The Woody Blues – Originally a Landslide tune but this recording I was backed by Marty Knox (MercuryMen) and Scott B (Scott B Sympathy). Neil Exall behind the board. Umbrella Sound, a looooong time ago (late 90’s?)

Read the rest

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