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Facebook won’t let me unlike Walmart?

The other day I noticed that “Wal-Mart Canada” had somehow appeared in my “Likes” list on Facebook. After “unliking” it, I posted the following to my facebook page:

Interesting. Walmart was in my “Likes” list.

I don’t like Walmart. In fact I once hired a personal assistant just so I could stay out of places like Walmart. Now we just use some place that delivers, like Grocery Gateway – it’s more expensive but hey, it keeps me out of Walmart.

So it’s odd that Walmart would be in my “likes” list. Unless you mean “I Like Not Going To Walmart”. Then it would make sense.

Today I noticed that Walmart Canada was back in my likes list

I went into my activity log, sure enough I wasn’t delusional about the unliking part:

And a few days later, while we were all getting ready to take my daughter out to her horse show (and thus nowhere near my computer), I was also apparently liking Walmart all over again!

So something is reinserting Walmart into my “Likes” list on facebook.

I’ve “unliked” Walmart Canada again  but even though it is now absent from my likes, the “unlike” is not showing in my activity log.

before I "unliked" walmartAfter I "unliked" walmart.

After I "unliked" walmart.

We’ll see if it shows up again because like I said before: I like NOT going to Walmart


Moments after posting this, a friend on facebook brought my attention to this article on Business Insider about how Walmart is gaming the Facebook ad system and overwhelming the network with spam.

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