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Where I’ve been blogging lately…..

The two or three of you who read my blog on a semi-regular basis (Hi Mom!) may be wondering where I’ve been lately. Or not. The fact of the matter is, I’ve been blogging elsewhere…..

I have been blogging on the topic of applying the principals of “value investing” as espoused by the likes of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Seth Klarman, Prem Watsa, et al to the relatively incompatible field of “new media”. That is: investing in publicly traded internet and new media companies, or private assets such as web sites, web businesses and domain names. That’s been happening over at http://www.WebValueInvestor.com

Additionally, after planning it (or rather thinking about it) for what seems like years, I’ve finally launched Wealth.net, which is more of a collaborative effort in that there is some material there from other people, like WallStreetWindow’s Mike Swanson and Goldmoney.com’s James turk. I suggest starting with the Wealth.net Overview to get a sense of where I’m going with this project, I plan to move the “trading” based content out to yet another blog shortly: StockMarket.ca. I’ll post here when that happens.

What I’d like to do is keep this space going and to have it aggregate all my various blogs into one central place, here. But I’ve found some cross-platform compatibility issues doing that, so at some point I need to cut this blog over to wordpress to make that easier.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering why I’m so quiet here, check those other two blogs, I seem to be posting there more often.

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