[photo] Mark Jeftovic

easyDNS CEO, Career Contrarian & AntiGuru

Phone spam, telemarketing and junk faxes, how much does it affect you?

Everytime I get an automated phone call trying to sell me something, or a junk fax come through on my home line, I basically become incensed. Tonight I got one of each: an automated robot trying to sell me something and an attempt to send me a junk fax on my home voice line.

For years I have been telling myself “one of these days I’m going to….” you know, actually do something about it. Because I’ve actually got an idea worked out that would be pretty effective at making all this crap go away.

So when am I going to stop complaining about it and start doing something about it? Well one thing that occurred to me that maybe, I’m the only person this bothers enough to actually do something about it. If nobody else cares, I’d rather know this now than after I’ve built and launched it.

What follows is a quick survey you can complete in about 2 minutes or less. No personal data is collected and no questions are mandatory.

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