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What’s Next, Canada Pension Plan Buys Twitter?

I haven’t been blogging much over the summer and I’ve made a commitment to myself to get back into it over the fall. Here’s as good a place as any to start.

I’m doing some comparative research of Canada versus the US: growth of money supply, national debt as a percentage of GDP, account surplus. From that I’m trying to figure out if I’m about to do something suicidal (buy a building for the company after our lease expires next year), or shrewd. A big part of the calculus here is to try to get a feel for the downside risk if we’re just in the eye of the storm, financially speaking, and another trainwreck is about to ensure (next round of mortgage resets down south, credit card defaults, imminent crash in the USD, deflationary spiral? Hyper-inflationary blow-up?)

Usually, you don’t have to factor all these Black Swan events into a routine decision like this, but we are living in a rare confluence of events where we have to seriously consider the possibility (probability) of these things occurring.

But I digress….

In the course of this, I just found out that the Canada Pension Plan was a member of the consortium that just bought Skype from eBay, so CPP will own 15% of Skype if this goes through.

WTF?! You’re telling me, CPP is automatically deducted from my salary, nothing I can do about it except supposedly live off some pittance it produces when I’m 65, and they’re using this money by going in on these sucker’s bet private equity deals like this? Give me a break. What’s next, Canada Pension Plan buys Twitter?

This is CPP: it’s supposed to be a lockbox model: money goes in, stays there until we’re old, money comes out. In the interim about the only place I can see sanely putting the money is into Government bonds, not f-ing SKYPE. We’re not running a goddamn VC fund here, it’s supposed to be our retirement income.

What a crock. Tell me why I can’t just opt-out of CPP now. Kiss off the money I put in so far, relinquish any future claim to any payout from CPP, thank you very much, I’ll look after myself – and keep the damn portion of my salary CPP deducts every year and invest it myself.

Oh right, that would mean taking responsibility for my own life.

Can’t have that now. Gotta let the Nanny take care of EVERYTHING.

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