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WSW Taking on 500 new members tomorrow at noon (early access below)

In my role as a failed musician and absentee CEO, I’m often asked to do celebrity endorsements: hair restoration, hair removal, breath mints, etc. I rarely do unless it’s a product or service I actually believe in.

So when Mike Swanson of Wall Street Window emailed me to tell me that tomorrow at noon he will open the gates of his Power Investor service to 500 new members, I took the time to forward the advance access link to a few friends of mine who were waiting for their next chance to sign up, and now I’m posting it here.

I’ve subscribed to endless newsletters and advisory services over the years and I rank them using three key criteria:

Number 1) Do they subject me to a never-ending barrage of intelligence-insulting sales letters attempting to upsell me to yet more products and services (Yes Agora publishing, I’m looking squarely at you guys – give it a rest)

Number 2) Are they merely a “black-box” service for “hot stock picks” expecting me to merely parrot their positions and mindlessly follow their recommendations?

Number 3) Do they claim some kind of Priests of the Temple exalted position in relation to the markets? Some special insight only they can comprehend and relate to us peons?

I prefer, and stick with services where the answer is “no” to all three of the above. They are few and far in between. Wall Street Window is one of those services. Even though as an investor, I gravitate toward “value investing” rather than technical analysis, it was Mike Swanson who helped me understand the validity of certain aspects of technical analysis. And it was from following Swanson and reading the books he recommended that finally helped me understand one key discipline any investor must understand about “the market”: Our job as investors is to understand what the market is telling us about right now as opposed to what most of us actually do without even realizing it: try to impose our beliefs about what the market should do, onto it

I have been a 5-year subscriber to Wall Street Window, and I don’t even make the same trades Swanson does. I just like the market analysis. I like that Swanson is a teacher and not a “stock-picker”. I find his acumen in analyzing the secular trends and the macro forces versus the mass psychology that actually moves markets invaluable.

So tomorrow, noon, he’s taking on 500 new subscribers, when he does this he usually maxes out those slots within a few hours. But you can get in today by following this link. In the interests of full disclosure: yes, I’m also an affiliate of WSW and will be compensated for any signups activated through the above link. I’m comfortable telling you that because this is a service I use and one that I’m happy with. (As part of his service he his “Stock Market Mastery” course is, in itself, worth the price of admission.)

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