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What would Eckhart Tolle do with incontrovertible proof that 9/11 was an “inside job”?

Today’s post considers far-fringe deep-politics within the context of individual spirituality and consciousness cultivation. It doesn’t aim to come off sounding apathetic (9/11 was an inside job? So what?), but it takes a serious look at the “what if it were true” consequences from a viewpoint of “what could we do about it that isn’t as bad as the mindset that precipitated it in the first place”?

I come to the conclusion that retribution-oriented finales, be it a blood-in-the-streets revolution or a neo-Nuremburg spectacle where the guilty are hung from meathooks en masse, though understandable, entirely predictable and possibly even probable, are not the enlightened choices. Rather what is needed is a mass exodus from the Herd. It is the Herd that makes these crimes against humanity possible, and it is the Herd which must be fled from and dissolved. Without it, corrupt power mongers are absent a pack of lemmings to drive off a cliff.

I’ll then end the post with 7-steps anybody can take to quit the program and say goodbye to the Herd. Bon Voyage!
Having been a long time reader of Eckhart Tolle‘s works and frequently listen to his audio books when driving I find myself wondering how somebody like him would react under certain conditions of stress or high emotion. How would “Power of Now” factor in, say, if Eckhart Tolle was stopped in traffic somewhere and somebody drove by and lobbed a hand grenade into his vehicle? Would an adrenaline rush ensue? Wild manic thought? (“Run!”) Would the unthinking observer to his own thoughts slow things down? (“How interesting, there is a grenade in my car and my ego and my pain body are having a party”…*kaboom*…”and that’s…ok”)

Then as a lifelong junkie for conspiracy theories and fringe science I find myself more often asking myself the question “so what if it’s true” with a completely different tonality lately. I used to think that if certain things were true it would be a travesty of unspeakable proportions and somewhere, somehow, there must be hell to pay for it! Now I wonder how I can just be free of these things and ask myself how I can be sure I’m not making a given situation worse. As a result, I find myself questioning all kinds of things that I think people are assumed never to question.

Many things we take for granted today are sustained by that lack of awareness, in fact they rely on it. Things like patriotism. Why is my particular country great and everybody else’s morally inferior? Is it because I was born here and that’s it? It seems pretty tenuous when you think about it, but we are encouraged from a very young age not to. Every political state, every power structure has a bunch of bodies buried in the backyard somewhere. Here in Canada, the land was taken from its original inhabitants in a pretty one-sided manner, the treatment of the Japanese during World War Two, and our complicity in various black-bag ops around the world (I won’t name them here) all come to mind. Our hands our dirty, so is every other country’s. But we are trained to never look at this with a critical eye. Suffice it to say that we are the greatest hockey nation on the face of the earth, our beer rocks and we are not Americans and that’s about all it takes. Canada, number 1, eh.

My country does stuff and has done stuff that we would use as justification against another country for war. Happens all the time and every country does it. When we do it, it’s ok. When you do it, it’s war! It’s a type of culturally ingrained one-sidedness I’ve heard called “American exceptionalism” that applies to everybody. It seems to make patriotism an absurd belief that 2 + 2 = 4, but only when we’re the ones adding it up.

After 9/11 it became off-limits to critically examine patriotism. Bill O’Reilly told us if we didn’t agree with the pre-emptive war on Iraq we should just shut up. It was on all “loyal” Americans to do so. Loyalty is as interesting as patriotism in this context. What are Americans expected to be loyal to? That’s another question which takes people into off-limits territory.

The “9/11 was an Inside Job” meme is sure to earn anybody who even entertains it a whole handful of labels they wouldn’t readily invite on themselves. If the prospect of that possibility is too disruptive to your worldview to even consider critically, how about looking at some other less disturbing “fact” that you’re expected to swallow without reservation, like Consumer Price Inflation is currently running 2.4% annually. Start there, see if any of your direct observational experiences in your own life seem to contradict that. Start doing that more often.

The 30-second guide to the “Inside Job” meme is this: The Project For a New American Century published “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century” a year before 9/11 that almost wishfully hoped for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”… and then it happened. And the same guys who founded PNAC (Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc) happened to be running the administration at the time. Odd that.

If I posted on this blog “my life would be a lot easier if something ‘happened’ to my business partners” and a year or so later they were both in a cab that exploded or a plane that crashed, that blog post would come back to haunt me. Especially if I also took out sizable insurance policies on them shortly before the event.

So I read an interesting overview of the 9/11 as Inside Job which cites Edward Luttwak’s Coup D’Etat: A Practical Handbook a book which practically lept off of a used-bookstore shelf into my hands many years ago. Luttwak mentioned 3 preconditions to a successful coup, we have been looking today at number 2, the second requirement of a successful coup d’etat is….(drumroll please)

a passive people not likely to react to a takeover

And that is certainly what we have today. We have a populous so docile, so tamed that not only would they not react to a takeover, it would be surprising if they noticed it.

But, then there are those people who do notice it, or at least suspect it, or perhaps even consider the possibility that it has taken place. What are those people to do? Personally when I hear “calls to arms”, most of them fall flat for me. Go out into the streets as part of a mob with a placard that reads “9/11 TRUTH NOW!” Give me a break. It seems as mindless to me as “They hate us because of our freedoms”. It doesn’t matter what’s written on the placards – slogans numb thought. It’s the secret sauce the advertising industry pays billions to maintain.

Which brings us to the true dichotomy of today’s post, if I’m such an Eckhart Tolle fan, shouldn’t I welcome that which kills thought? Shouldn’t mindless conformity be encouraged, promoted and cultivated? Is Eckhart Tolle an agent of the New World Order? Hell, who isn’t.
I’ve a long held cliche “one man’s sewing circle is another’s shadowy cabal”. It means that from the Herd’s perspective, anybody who manages to separate themselves from the Herd and achieve any kind of noteworthy repute, will be suspected by some sub-section of the Herd as being an Agent of the New World Order or The AntiChrist.

Would Eckhardt Tolle be out in the streets with a “9/11 TRUTH NOW” placard if he knew that the whole inside job meme was true? For some reason I would expect not. I don’t think he would say “So what?”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he said “Is that so?”. Would a vengeful mob form around the thought body “Is that so?”, calling those responsible onto the carpet and paying retribution? I doubt it.

So does the Eckhardt Tolle approach give us anything useful in response to this hypothetical construct? I think it does. I think where we arrive if we look at it is a place where mobs don’t exist if everybody is present and conscious within their own lives. It’s not that the correct response to “9/11 was an inside job” may very well be “Is that so?”. What is more important is the correct response to “Those people over there are evil, we must do something!”. If everybody responds “Is that so?”, then the 9/11’s stop happening and we’d live in place where the government was a purely administrative functionary – keeping the traffic lights operating, etc. They wouldn’t spend their time calculating what has to happen “out there” because everybody “in here” just wouldn’t buy into the hysteria. “Iran is run by a sub-human!” Now that’s a “So What? Have you fixed the damn levee yet? It’s almost hurricane season here

My personal suspicion is that the mob, the populace, the Herd, can by definition only be motivated into doing the wrong thing and to make things worse. If they’re all fired up about something and ready to act on it, it can only end in trouble.

Those who truly wish to do The Right Thing™ can only be present, get grounded and not allow themselves to be swept up and away by other people’s agendas.

Part II: How does one become present and grounded in a world full of hysterical mobs?

We are told to begin becoming aware of the “spaces”. Echardt Tolle advises us that a good first step is to start paying attention to the short silences between the words you hear. My first exposure to the concept was in Daniel Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence where he discusses the “space” between a stimulus and your reaction to it. I read that book a couple years after getting sober and it was literally the first I had ever heard or even thought or made aware of that space. “There’s a space between a stimulus and my reaction to it?” I exclaimed. I had no idea. My entire life until then had simply been one long reaction to things. The revelation that there was a small gap, no matter how imperceptible it was at the time, between an event or stimulation and “my” response to it meant that there was some space there for me to enter the situation, by “me” I mean my real being, not my automaton self which, when oblivious to that buffer zone of consciousness would just fly off on auto-pilot and react.

Event/Stimulus -> [Insert you here - take a deep breath - analyze situation - acceptance ] -> response = A world where everybody goes around leading their lives in relative peace and prosperity


Event/Stimulus -> Response = a world of lemmings where the masses are perpetually pushed around by those who know which buttons to press.

So here are my 7 steps toward being able to increase the size of the gaps between the stimulus and the response, 7-steps toward functioning from your own internal being, how not to be “among leaves blown on a furious wind”

  1. Watch less television. Every sucessful person I’ve ever studied from the modern era has little use for it and they all advise against it.
  2. Get your news privately: by this I mean seek out specialized, competent news and analysis that is not really for public consumption. In my case this varies from The Privateer to Marc Faber’s Gloom Boom Doom Report and Stratfor. CNN and CNBC are just comic relief for me.
  3. Eliminate Debt: While Television was the opiate of the last generation’s masses, insurmountable debt is how the next generation of slave mobs will be grown and controlled. Avoid consumer debt like the plaque. Get rid of any you have. Use productive debt (leverage) with caution. Don’t over-leverage.
  4. Shed your addictions: Identify what your most debilitating, life limiting addiction is. Make a decision to leave it behind. Do so. Repeat as required.
  5. Think!: Analyze those things you are expected to swallow without question. Are the premises true?
  6. Don’t think!: Your mind is a tool, don’t confuse it with who you actually are. Your thoughts are not you, they’re just thoughts.
  7. Avoid Mobs: General Rule of Thumb: Most members of most crowds are followers. If you’re following something or somebody, how closely have you examined what you’re actually doing?

All of which is easier said than done, but if you spend your time on the above, at least you won’t have time to screw up anybody else’s life.

6 Comments to What would Eckhart Tolle do with incontrovertible proof that 9/11 was an “inside job”?

  1. kiwano's Gravatar kiwano
    June 6, 2008 at 1:15 am | Permalink

    if i’m following these seven rules, how closely have i examined what i’m actually doing.

    (just a reminder that the rules are grist for the mill, and not actual instructions, for all subsequent readers. you’re welcome)

  2. Dave's Gravatar Dave
    June 30, 2009 at 12:19 am | Permalink

    As a self proclaimed “lifelong junkie for conspiracy theories,” what do you think about the perspective on Eckhart Tolle’s teachings expressed here? http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/08/new-spirituality.htm

    I too hopped on the Oprah’s Book Club bandwagon and began reading Tolle’s “A New Earth” – finding myself very much intrigued by his teachings. Although, on somewhat of a side note- I was eventually bothered by him plastering his name and face all over his spiritual messages… It seemed to me that if he really had overcome his ego- he might have been somewhat more modest when it came to personal fame and gaining notoriety.. It’s one thing to want to share your message and enlighten the masses- it’s another thing to be taking credit for it in such a way that it conflicts with the very messages you’re trying to convey. His Oprah appearances, his book covers, etc- they all suggest an inner desire to be personally recognized for his teachings- despite those desires being self-indulgent and egoic in nature themselves. I wish I had a more legitimate source to link to here- but I’m just writing this on a whim so here’s one article I quickly googled which seems to agree: http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,73107 (This probably discredits my entire argument considering it’s all anonymous heresay- but I’m not really building an argument here so much as I’d just like to hear someone else’s opinion- especially someone who has researched conspiracy theories..)

    I’ve watched documentaries like the series “The Arrivals” (a production by Noreagaaa and Achernahr) – which uncovers a “possible” hidden agenda to remove religion from every day life – in an attempt to further the agenda of the New World Order and set the stage for the Anti-Christ’s arrival. The plan over centuries appears to have been to infiltrate various monotheistic religions and contaminate their belief system with untruths about God and creation, etc. In summary- the plan has been to dismantle Christianity, Islam, etc – steer people away from God and his commandments- and lead them astray with various Luciferian teachings. (Enter Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Alice Bailey, etc..)

    I found a comment a youtube user left below a video stating:

    “The devil just has bad information. There may be ‘some truth’ in it but the objective is to deceive. Whatever is not 100% true is entirely deceptive. ”

    There are many Christians out there who vehemently oppose the New Age movement and everything it entails- who don’t make the “evolutionary cut” when it comes to Tolle’s awakening conciousness movement. And as someone who was initially really moved by his ideas and also felt enlightened by the concept of this “gap” between an event and my reaction to it as you previously mentioned – I kept encouraging friends and family members to read his works- thanking God for allowing me to find his book and be ‘enlightened’ by it. Now- many weeks into my Illuminati/NWO/Luciferian agenda research- I became very discomforted by the idea that his teachings don’t necessarily compliment Christianity at all.

    Which brings me to why I wanted to pick your brain for just a moment… If your eyes have been opened to the conspiracy theories endlessly circulating- what is your opinion on this matter? Supposing there is some truth to the conspiracy theories out there- you don’t think Eckhart Tolle is just another puppet- furthering the Illuminati agenda of a one world government? After all- the concept of a New World Order seems to compliment his teachings of “[a] rapidly spreading [and] contagious new ‘consciousness’ that will unite all Life.”

    So with your knowledge of conspiracy theories – how do you feel about the controversies surrounding Eckhart Tolle?

  3. Bob's Gravatar Bob
    September 16, 2009 at 5:36 am | Permalink

    HI Dave! I just read this whole blog and your response. I’ve never really read these types of things, let alone responded, and to be honest I don’t know why I did tonight. Perhaps I can share what helps me and inso doing help someone else.

    Any true teacher is only a student of himself. The closest you will ever come to truth, is what you are. Everything else is just a thought! The ego (mind) likes to deconstruct and seek “truth”, always seeking, because that insures it’s survival. The seeking is the disease! Instead of asking if someone is a false teacher, or if there is a conspiracy, ask what inside of you seeks these answers? Think of how many times you have changed your mind, been convinced of another way or seen another perspective. The minds “truth” is only as good as the perspective it views the situation from. Now think, through all of that, even since birth, what has remained the same! Always! That is truth! You are the answer! Come to find this and there will never be a false teacher. Every true teacher will speak of what you already know to be true. No question.

  4. Dora's Gravatar Dora
    June 21, 2010 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    A random Eckhart Tolle google search turned this up. It was nifty to read, so just wanted to say thanks for an enjoyable 10 minutes spent! I’ll probably be back to see if you’ve got any other gems laying about, waiting to be read. 🙂


  5. Adam's Gravatar Adam
    September 9, 2010 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    If someone threw a hand grenade into Eckhart tolle’s car… He would immediately and without hesitation pick it up and throw it out after seeing it coming in a state of awareness while driving, to then drive off appreciating the trees by the side of the road 🙂

  6. jo momma's Gravatar jo momma
    September 30, 2010 at 6:28 am | Permalink

    you are so lost in your own self serving form that you completely miss eckharts teachings.. your stuck in the mind still..

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