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2012 Logo spells ZOIZ! Proof of a reptillian / grey alien conspiracy

It is with ever increasing bemusment I scan nutjob havens like GodlikeProductions and RumorMillNews and find the tempo of the hysteria has been palpably building lately (possibly because of the impending destruction of Earth by Planet X within the next 6 months)

When everything is a conspiracy and the shadowy cabal at the top controls all history, it comes as no surprise that the new London Olympic Games logo:

Spell’s “ZION” to the gaggle of nuts in the tinfoil hats. All you have to do is “some slight rearrangement of symbols on the 2012 logo it spells out ZION!” (which is a real quote). I love that phrase “slight rearrangement”. These BigConspiracy nutjobs have no problems shoehorning anything into a worldview where a bear can’t crap in the woods unless a reptillian overlord in the shadows has planned it out.

Some slight rearrangement of the symbols also gets you ZZ Top, and if you don’t move anything I think if it spells anything it’s either ZOIN or ZOIZ or maybe ZIOZ. I think Jon Stewart nailed it when he said “it looks like a slot machine going down on an ATM”.

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  1. July 25, 2007 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    Mark, it gets worse!
    No one at MicroSoft has ever explained the MS dingbats font characters of “NYC” (New York City).
    This is perhaps one of the reasons that the Twin Towers were attacked- those Saudi kamikaze guys took their fonts seriously!
    That is, of course if you do not subscribe to the theory that the Mossad remotely piloted those planes, believing that there was a secret “Elders of Windows” cabal directing the NYC dingbats followers…
    Hell, just ask any NYC taxicab driver!

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