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Bob Rae’s “Same Boat Now” covered by metalheads

Many years ago I was in a band called Landslide.

The Premiere of Ontario at the time was Bob Rae. He penned a little ditty called “Same Boat Now”, and submitted it to Sony Music and was laughed at.

Always the opportunist, and in a band with a drummer who was then a TV reporter covering Queen’s Park (now he’s the Director of Communications for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty), I had the idea to do a power-pop/punk version of the song.

We had a brief media moment over it. I guess you could call it our 15 seconds of fame, and then predictably, Landslide disintegrated.

Now that Bob Rae could conceivably be the next Prime Minister, I thought I’d dig out the old VHS copy of a video Dan made of the song and make it available for posterity.


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