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Useless mash-up between pdns pipe backend and md5

I’ve had the idea to do some tinkering with powerdns’ pipe backend for awhile and had decided to rig up a quick and dirty MD5 encoder/decoder database on a domain I’ve had for awhile MD5.ORG

So it was pretty easy. Now anybody can quickly get an MD5 hash on any string that’ll fit inside a DNS query packet by doing something like:

host -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

or the slightly less readable

dig -t txt <string>.to.md5.org

Then for completeness you can try and see if we already know what string creates a given MD5 hash and retrieve it using

host -t txt <md5hash>.from.md5.org

There is not a lot of practical value to this, it was just a neat hack to learn the basics of the pdns pipe backend, which I like a lot.

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