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ibill’s business model: screw your customers, spam their customers

A couple years ago I subscribed to Kirt Christensen’s “Buying Web Businesses” for about a month. I didn’t renew my subscription and haven’t given it much more thought, until today.

Today I got a porn spam in my inbox from “gspotnews.com”. I recognized the email address I received this to as the one-time address I used when I subcribed to Kirt Christensen’s website. I took a look at the fine print at the bottom of the email and saw this:

You are receiving this Monthly Newsletter because you provided us permission
by agreeing to our privacy policy when you signed up for an Internet service/product thatis billed by our company.
If you feel that you are receiving this email in error,or wish to no longer receive this newsletter in the future, please click here to unsubscribe the following address: DELETED@DELETED. Please allow 48 hours for the unsubscribe to be processed. Thank you!

Ibill is an internet credit card processing company. It looks like they have decided that it is ok to send porn spam to their customers’ customers.

This goes off the charts in terms of of sleaziness. I emailed Kirt Christensen that his credit card processor is spamming his customers, we’ll see if he cares.

In the meantime, a quick check of the mailer logs on easydns revealed a few hundred gspotnews spams going to other easydns members, so now my customers are also receiving this garbage, probably because in the past they also paid for services online to a website using ibill to clear transactions.

So gspotnews.com and ibill.com are now banned from our mail forwarders. Thanks for being on our show.

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