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On the internet, a plane crash is never just a plane crash.

Plane crashes are in themselves so rare and so spectacular that when they occur we are both horrified and fascinated. Hence the eyewitness reports from yesterday’s Air France crash at Pearson that spotted drivers pulled over to the side of the 401, standing on their car roofs photographing the spectacle with their camera phones.

Yesterday was a good day. It’s rare that something like that happens and everybody gets out alive. In fact it’s quite amazing and I think everybody should be thankful and happy that there were no fatalities.

Of course, this kind of event brings the nutjobs out en masse:

Cloak and Dagger
4:54 PM EDT August 2, 2005


Toronto – British Secret Police Forces attacked an Air France Jet at Pearson
Toronto Airport this afternoon.

This escalation of hostilities comes on the heels of four British MI-6
agents being arrested by the French in Chicago and are in detention for
attempting to assassinate the Chicago Grand Jury Special Prosecutor Patrick
Fitzgerald who brought down criminal indictments against George Bush and
Dick Cheney last night.

Last week French Special Forces prevented British Intel from assassinating
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Stay tuned to the Cloak for more breaking news on this new escalation of the
ongoing Anglo-French War.

It seems things are unraveling fast.

This came from http://www.cloakanddagger.de/, which if you look at the web page has the stamp of CREDIBILITY all over it. (*sarcasm*). Note to the fringe: animated graphics and java ticker messages are the stamp of the loons and the lowfi net users. If you want to be taken seriously, do not use these elements in your web pages. They’ve gone the way of the <BLINK> tag.

I remember when JFK Jr. went down in his plane and there were nutjobs posting all kinds of conspiracy theories about it, one going so far as to claim the event was prophesized by Nostradamus.

This is getting ridiculous folks. The lunatic fringe is diluting the credibility of true social, political and economic scrutiny and criticism.

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