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Negative blog posts: How not to handle them.

Quick Boy’s Movers became upset because of a negative comment posted about them on Joey DeVilla’s weblog. The comment became the #2 result on Google for “Quick Boy’s Movers” and they did not like this.

What should they have done?

Well they shouldn’t have called Joey up, threatened to go over his head to his employer and made a lot of noise that he take the comment down. Now the whole saga has exploded into the blogosphere. When Corey blogs it on Boing Boing it’s game over.

If you Google “Quick Boy’s Movers” now, guess what comes up first? That’s right. The entire Accordion Boy blog saga, complete with the threathening call from Quick Boy’s and the shill posts on his blog.

So what should they have done, really?

They should have gone into their records for Jay Goldman, the original commenter, dug out his billing records, called him up, apologized. Bonus points for giving him a refund. Eat the loss and then the president or the owner of the company should have followed up with a comment of his own:

“We’re very sorry that Jay Goldman and his girlfriend are unsatisfied with moving services provided. We have refunded his payment in full and have issued a formal apology. This kind of service is not indicative of our company and we strive to provide complete satisfaction. If anyone has any questions or concerns about our services or policies, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at…..

You can bet that that would have been blogged as well.

If it were your company, which would one of these scenarios would you rather have come up on Google at #1 or 2 for your name? For Quick Boy Moving, the decision has been made and there is no putting this cat back in the bag.

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