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Can’t time the market? Try timing terrorism or earthquakes. Aug 6th and 9th loom.

I’ve been picking up some chatter from the fringe of a “terrorist event” on Aug 6 or Aug 9, having to do with a “dirty bomb” or a suitcase nuke detonation in commeration of the A-bomb’s on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The first I’ve heard of it laid it on a politically extremist splinter group of the Japanese Yakuza: payback after 60 years. Others are calling it “the next false flag” op, and lot of readers in some places are reading a lot of “meaning” into the 9-stripe US flags behind Bush at his Fort Bragg speech, portending ominous events to gel on these dates.

Then of course there’s always George Ure and his web bots perpetually predicting “the big megaquake” to hit the west coast “any day now”.

My wife and I were actually slated to travel to Victoria on the 4th thru the 8th but those plans have been scrapped.

No, we didn’t cancel because we wanted to avoid militant Yakuza nuclear reprisals and we aren’t trying to “time the big one”. I think we both feel pretty silly for changing our honeymoon plans 3 years ago on account of the Iraq War. We were planning on going to England and then Europe, we changed our minds because the war looked to be a certainty and we were worried about terrorism.

The silliness of that attitude comes hot on the heels of the dual bomb attacks in London, years after we scrapped our trip “on terrorism fears”. Ironically I knew two separate sets of people visiting London on the exact dates of both recent attacks. It never even occurred to me to wonder “if they were ok”. I didn’t even have to bother doing the math to come to a reasonably certain conclusion that they were fine.

This brings me back to my “Law Of The Expected Unexpected” and I can go on record right now and say that August 6th and 9th will be the two days this year that a nuclear terrorist event can’t happen

(Refresher: The Law of The Expected Unexpected states that any given future date upon which a catastrophe is posited to occur is the one date upon which the actual event predicted is impossible. An example is if anybody goes on record to state that the stock market will crash on X date, that is the one date in the future on which it is impossible for the stock market to crash. Same goes for asteroid hits, earthquakes, alien invasions and terrorist events)

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