[photo] Mark Jeftovic

easyDNS CEO, Career Contrarian & AntiGuru

The new four letter F-word is: FAIL

Apparently there is an initiative underway in the UK to drop the use of the word “fail” for children who don’t pass onto the next grade, in favour of “deferred success”.

This makes all the sense in the world if we want to train our children that life is always fair and that everyone succeeds (even when they don’t). With the pervasiveness of political double-speak in the world, where politicians say one thing, do another and then revise what they say they said or redfine the meaning of what they claim to have meant when they said it, then it is no surprise that it seems ok to delude ourselves and our children into thinking this kind of deceptive claptrap is ok.

We are now taking the final steps of indoctrinating the children into believing a load of horse manure is ice cream because we serve it to them with a cherry on top.

What a world we live in.

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