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And the most useless technology ever award goes to…

Car Alarms.

I write this as I listen to one going off steady for about the last half hour. It brought back painful memories of my last apartment, on a residential street with lots of street parking for the local residents and there being about a half dozen repeat offender cars whose alarms were on a hair trigger. They would go off for no reason several times an hour, all day, every day.

In their most common form car alarms don’t do anything to mitigate threats to your vehicle. They just piss people off. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they actually incite more instances of vandalism towards vehicles where they constantly go off for no reason than prevent a crime. (If this thing is still going half an hour from now, I will seriously consider dropping an old G3 out the window onto the damn thing’s windshield).

Given the technology today, it can be done so much better. There are some systems that are better: silent, networked, tracking devices, GPS, etc. Yes, they can be circumvented but at least that’s the car thief’s problem. These ones are just goddamn ignored, and that’s everybody’s problem.

I would like to see a municipal bylaw that set fines for oversensitive car alarms. If one is going off for no reason you could just call the parking authority and they’d ticket the vehicle for noise pollution (or even better, tow the damn thing away).

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